Coach Lisa’s passion of the game is obvious and comes shining through in her training. Here are a few things I’ve experienced that make her so special. She is:

  • generous sharing her vast knowledge of all things pickleball
  • comes to lessons prepared with a plan yet flexible if there’s an area you want to focus on
  • detects the smallest detail in your play that can be adjusted to improve your game
  • provides clear instruction & moves at your pace
  • always encouraging and offers many great tips
  • follows up with emails to re-cap the day’s lesson

I look forward to our lessons and know a large part of why I enjoy pickleball as much as I do is because of Lisa. She’s great! I highly recommend her for any player of any level looking to improve their game.
Kathy H

I began lessons with Lisa several months ago and have loved every minute. Her lessons are well planned yet flexible enough to address any questions you bring. She is patient, encouraging and very observant to identify areas that need improvement. I would highly recommend Lisa as a Pickleball instructor!
Mary M

Lisa is amazing !! I couldn’t ask for a better person to show me how to execute the key plays. Her teaching style has done wonders for my game play ! Can’t wait for my next lesson
Jody T

I started taking lessons in late March of this year. I never played any racquet sports before, so everything was new to me. Lisa is the only coach I will ever take lessons from. Her knowledge of the game, patience and drills have been life changing for my pickleball skills. I always recommend her to new players.
Carol H

Lisa takes the time to assess where you are and where you want to go, and builds the lessons accordingly. She is patient and encouraging and fun! Lot of variety in her lessons w/ documented follow up. Highly recommend!

Lisa is the best. As a Pickleball coach she is quick to praise your strengths, assess your shortcomings, and make you excited to get out and play some more. After my first lesson my regular playing partners noticed a marked improvement in my game; there is no higher praise than that. Lisa has a friendly and approachable coaching style, offering technique tips and refinements that you can use immediately. She has a strategic approach to the game that makes you think more deeply about your shot selection and placement. Her infectious love of Pickleball and skill as a coach makes every session a real joy. I credit Lisa with getting me ready for my first tournament, in which my partner and I placed first in our skill level. I can’t praise Lisa and her coaching highly enough. I would recommend her for all skill levels to improve and refine your game.
Mary D

My husband and I are pickleball fanatics and were planning a long visit to Williamsburg, Virginia. We are residents of Florida and play most days. I’m always looking to improve my game. During my search for pickleball instruction in the Williamsburg area, I found Coach Lisa! She was very friendly on the phone and we planned a couple of days of instruction upon my arrival.

I have to say that for all the lessons I’ve taken during the past 30+ years, in many locations, including tennis, platform tennis and pickleball, Lisa was one of the the very best instructors I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Her tactical and strategic insights were customized to my strengths and weaknesses and were immediately implementable. For example, before the end of our first lesson, Lisa observed that I was not positioning myself properly to step into my backhand to ensure maximum control and power. I have been mindful of this ever since and it has made a positive difference in my game.

Furthermore, immediately following our lesson, Lisa sent me an email recap of what we covered in our lessons and her recommendations!
I highly recommend Lisa as a pickleball instructor. She was terrific! She was quick to diagnose my play, able to offer tangle solutions, such as drills, and had a very pleasant and helpful demeanor. She also provided us with the best locations to play in the area along with excellent restaurant suggestions!
Pat O

I have been taking pickleball lessons from Lisa for several months and can’t say enough good things about her! She is patient, encouraging and is very experienced in what she does. She has made me a better player in such a short amount of time and I find that I look forward to each lesson. Not only has she worked on basics with me she is teaching doubles strategy and competitive play as well. I highly recommend Lisa if you are looking for a great pickleball instructor!
Cheryl D

EXCELLENT INSTRUCTOR! Friends have taught me the basics of pickleball over the last 10 months. I took a lesson from Lisa this past month to try and improve my game. She is great—professional, patient, personable. She emailed me prior to determine my experience, strengths & weaknesses, and what I would like to work on. She observed my technique, then focused on methods I could immediately use to improve my game. She covered a lot in one lesson. And afterwards, she emailed me an excellent summary of what she had taught me. It’s great seeing some of her ‘moves’ improve my game. I highly recommend Lisa, and will definitely go to her for more lessons!
Denise B

Lisa held a beginner clinic that absolutely got me hooked on Pickleball. Since that time I have taken lessons from her and continue to seek her knowledge in evaluating my play. Picking a few key skills at each lesson, sending me a reminder summary afterwards and the encouragement Lisa provides has been key in my progress and enjoyment of the game. I can tell she puts a lot of thought into preparing for each lesson. I highly recommend Lisa Hilker as a Pickleball Coach.
Laurie S

Lisa is patient, kind, and very well organized. Her coaching includes both the technical and strategic components of the game. Highly recommend her as a Pickleball coach!!
Terry B